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This was a Great tour, Great band , Great people. It was way way too short though. 3 Weeks of Rehearsal in LA and 12 shows in Japan and that was it. I had worked with David when he was with Whitesnake. I was the original Lighting Designer with the original Whitesnake. Wish I had some pictures from those days. They were a lot of fun to work with very fond memories.

Jimmy I had never worked with before so it was a real treat to tour with him. I loved watching him on stage. I would have to say of all the musicians I have worked with I thought Jimmy Page had the best stage presence of anybody. Just something about him that was unique. As soon as he walked on stage and put on his Guitar it was all over.

I got the idea for the design from a visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. There is a large Architectural structure in the middle of the Museum grounds that triggered the idea. I would love to use a variation of it again for another act as it was a really good design and I never got to use it to its full potential. As you will see from the pictures this design makes a statement.

Speaking of the pictures I have to thank Ross Halfin for giving me these pictures and for very kindly allowing me to use them on my site. Here is a link to his site. Go and have a look. He has a very very impressive record of his work in the music business.