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These are from The Virgin Tour. I think this was Madonna's very first tour. Certainly her first major tour. I was Lighting Director on this one. The original Lighting Design was done by Jim Chapman and Robert Roth. They were both hot off The Michael Jackson Thriller Tour. Jim and Robert allowed me to get a little bit of my own style in there with them so I thank them for that.

This was a good show and I enjoyed doing it and also really enjoyed working with Madonna. I thought she was very nice underneath what at the time can only be described as her hard front or cover. I did see the kinder gentle side to her you could say.

I never worked for her again. I did see a lot of her 2 and 3 years ago. I spent 2 years studying Kabbalah at the centre in Los Angeles. Before they scared me away. I used to see her all the time and we were in the same class's a lot of the time. I went up and introduced myself to her one night. I thought it was an interesting place to cross path's with her again. I Reminded her I was her LD on The Virgin Tour. She just looked at me and smiled, then said she does not remember anything or anyone from those day's. There was a few seconds of embarrassing silence then she smiled and said something which I never heard. I smiled and said something I can't remember and she walked away.

I obviously left a lasting impression ! I still like her all the same.